The Anjuman Hami-E-Muslimeen came into exist on 12 August 19191. Janab F.A Mohammed Hassan was the first president. To educate all was his main aim. The first English medium school was established on 1stSeptember 1920. Later on many branches of Anjuman’s primary sections area wise came into existence.

Anjuman Takiya Primary School made is small but prominent existence in the year 2007. It started with Kinder Garden. And later in the year  2011-12 Government of Karnataka gave the approval and permission to start I Std. there by each year a class was increased and we have classes till IV Std now.

The aim of our institution is to impart education with utmost care, love dedication and understanding for a healthy development of a child in order to make a sincerer servant of Allah and a true citizen of a country and worthy member of the society.

As we live in an Islamic environment, we all know how Islamic education plays an important role to us, so like every year we prepared our students for open Islamic exam which is conducted by the Moulana Abdul Hassan Academy Bhatkal..

We have Shabeena Maktab at 4:00 to 5:30  to  teach Quran to children and elders